Simple solutions to complex problems

Our solution works in all properties regardless of the complexity of the property's electrical situation. With Perific, you can be sure to always complete the initiated installation.

Simple installation

Simple installation

Time is money. Our products and solutions are simple and quick to install.

Service at its best.

Quick and easy

With Monitor, you easily mount our sensors around the incoming phase conductors without disconnecting anything in the installation. With One, you connect the meter to P1/RJ12.

Smart, simple, and powerful

Smart, simple, and powerful

We are dedicated to offering straightforward, open, and robust solutions, with a primary emphasis on reducing energy consumption by cutting power peaks.

The best support in the market.

Your time is valuable

If you encounter any problems during the installation, our skilled support team is readily available to assist you over the phone or via email.

No property is too difficult

No property is too difficult

No matter how complex the installation in the property may be, Perific's products work flawlessly.

Produced in Sweden 🇸🇪


Our equipment can be used in properties ranging from 16A to 2500A.


Perific's products monitor solar energy

Perific works seamlessly even in properties with solar panels. In fact, we measure solar production independently from the power consumption in the building. This enables us to present data in separate graphs, empowering users with complete control over their electricity usage.

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Easy installation

Perific provides versatile solutions developed for advanced power monitoring and power management. Our capable system is installed throughout Sweden and is also available across various locations in Europe.

Before you, as an installer, head out to install your Perific product, it's a good idea to take a quick look at our installation video of the Monitor EM1.

Professional support

Our products are designed to be as easy to install as possible, with you as an electrician in mind.

However, we understand that questions may still arise from time to time. Such situations can be especially frustrating when you're out at a customer's location, hands deep in an electrical panel, and unable to reach a responsive customer support.

That's why our support technicians for installers are specially trained in Perific's systems and products. They possess the expertise to help you navigate through any tricky situations. Our support is available on all weekdays to answer any installation-related queries.

– We are here to assist you!

Contact our support for expert assistance regarding Perific's products.

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Monitor for smart power monitoring and management.



One is compatible with P1/RJ12.