A greener tenant-owner association

Perific's products for advanced power measurement and power control not only help your tenant-owner's association save money but also make it greener.

Enhance Your BRF (Tenant-Owner Association) with Perific

Do you belong to a tenant-owner association with EV charging? Then it's time to consider installing Perific.

With Perific, you can optimize your property's electricity consumption, ensure safer and more efficient EV charging, and reduce overall electricity costs.

Control over your power usage

With Perific, you gather advanced real-time data about the property's power consumption and easily identify KPIs to optimize electricity usage.

Automatic load balancing for EVs

With Perific, you get automatic dynamic power management for your charging station.

Protect the main fuse

With Perific, you safeguard the property's main fuse and prevent it from tripping.

Real-time data

All data is collected and presented in real-time in our app, ensuring you have all the necessary information at your fingertips.

Solar panels

Perific measures the solar production in your property and presents all the data in separate graphs, giving you complete control over your tenant-owner association.

Displays all data

Engage association members by displaying real-time electricity data in the lobby. Compare today's power consumption to yesterday's and see how much electricity the property generates.


Perific is independent, which means your property doesn't need a specific electricity supply agreement to use our products.

Capacity charges

By 2027, all electric utility companies will have introduced capacity charges. This implies that you will see an increase in the electricity bill if the property consumes a significant amount of electricity during certain hours. Perific is here to help you manage and reduce these costs.

Market's best support

We are available via phone and email, ready to assist you with whatever you may need.

Why Perific for your Tenant-Owner's Association?

With Perific, you get secure EV charging in your tenant-owner association while also having the opportunity to save money through optimized electricity usage.

Here are some of the benefits of Perific:

  • No need to change electricity supplier – Perific is independent and works with all electricity agreements.

  • Works in all types of properties

  • Automatic power control

  • Advanced power measurement

  • Receive detailed and advanced real-time data on the property's electricity consumption

Environmentally friendly without effort

With Perific installed, you'll enjoy automatic power control while contributing to a greener Europe – effortlessly.

Power management for EV charging, in essence, evens out the power distribution and eases the burden on the electricity grid. As a result, it leads to a more stable grid and a more reliable power supply in the long term.

Before the turn of the year 2026/2027, all electricity providers will have introduced capacity charges – and in several cases, these power tariffs are already applicable. Since capacity charges mean an additional cost if the property uses a lot of electricity during specific hours, it may result in high electricity bills for larger properties.

For tenant-owner associations, there's a potential downside as these capacity charges might seriously hit the association's finances. This is where Perific steps in.

Perific has been cooking up a feature that'll help tenant-owner associations dodge those pesky high capacity charges. Keep an eye on the website to be one of the first to jump on board with this new feature!

Perific and capacity charges.

Create engagement in your tenant-owner association

Promote active engagement and add value for all members in the tenant-owner association by making them a part of the solution to the power shortage issue.

By displaying real-time data on the property's power usage and production (if you have solar panels installed), members gain valuable insights into how the property operates. This empowers them to optimize their electricity usage, for example, by running appliances when power consumption is at its lowest. It allows them to make informed choices and actively contribute to more efficient energy practices within the community.

A Comprehensive Solution

Perific offers you a comprehensive solution that guarantees secure electric vehicle charging while simultaneously optimizing your property's energy efficiency.

We are here to support you, whether it's through phone calls or emails, and we look forward to assisting you with all your needs. Feel free to reach out to us anytime; we are committed to helping you every step of the way.

What EV charging stations are compatible with Perific?

All EV chargers have the potential to work with Perific. Currently, we support power control for EV chargers from various suppliers across Europe. Some of the largest ones we integrate with include Zaptec, Charge Amps, and Easee.

We are constantly integrating with new partners and adding new integrations on an ongoing basis. Check out our Integrations page to see what is currently available.

Product info

Our products

Our products are advanced solutions for dynamic power management of larger power consumers, such as EV charging stations. All our products provide you with advanced, automatic power management and the ability to optimize your electricity usage.



Monitor for smart power management



One is compatible with P1/RJ12

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